Chipperdog.comApril 18th, 2024
In Celebration of Chipper's Life (09/11/2001 - 10/07/2014)

This page is in celebration of Chipper's life, which he had 13 wonderful years until he passed in late 2014 likely due to a cancerous tumor.

Chipper was a purebred 13" Beagle certified by the American Kennel Club. His registered name was Two Sided Chipper. Chipper was born in Manhattan, Kansas on September 11th, 2001 (Yes, that 9-11). Chipper was an early Christmas present and came home on November 18th, 2001. We didn't have children so Chipper became our baby boy. Chipper has been sorely missed and it has taken until 2019 to write this!

Enjoy the slideshow and 300 pictures indexed below. Click on a slide for a larger image of Chipper! Hover on the slides to show controls.

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