Chipperdog.comMay 26th, 2018
Sun, Moon, and Seasonal Events for Spring Twp - Berks Co., PA (19608)
NASA Sun Image Current Moon Image
NASA Current Sun Image Current Moon Image
Sunrise: 5:39 AM at 61° (ENE)
Sunset: 8:23 PM at 299° (WNW)
Transit: 1:01:46 PM at 71°
Day Length: 14 Hr 44 Min
Tomorrow: 1 Min, 25 Sec
Sunrise: 36 Secs.   Sunset: 49 Secs.
Moonrise: 5:32 pm (05/26/18)
Moonset: 4:15 am (05/26/18)
Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon
Moon Age: 11.5 Days (39%)
Illumination: 88%

Sun Chart
Earth Daylight

First Quarter MoonFull MoonLast Quarter MoonNew Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
Mon May 21st, 2018
at 11:50 PM EDT
Tue May 29th, 2018
at 10:20 AM EDT
Wed Jun 6th, 2018
at 2:32 PM EDT
Wed Jun 13th, 2018
at 3:44 PM EDT

Vernal EquinoxSummer SolsticeAutumnal EquinoxWinter Solstice
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Tue Mar 20th, 2018
at 12:16 PM EDT
Thu Jun 21st, 2018
at 6:08 AM EDT
Sat Sep 22nd, 2018
at 9:55 PM EDT
Fri Dec 21st, 2018
at 5:23 PM EST
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Moon Phase - Full Moon
The Moon's illuminated side is facing the Earth. The Moon appears to be completely illuminated by direct sunlight.