Chipperdog.comOctober 28th, 2021
Sun, Moon, and Seasonal Events for Spring Twp - Berks Co., PA (19608)
NASA Sun Image Current Moon Image
NASA Current Sun Image Current Moon Image
Sunrise: 7:29 AM at 107° (ESE)
Sunset: 6:06 PM at 253° (WSW)
Transit: 12:48:27 PM at 36°
Day Length: 10 Hr 36 Min
Tomorrow: 2 Min, 24 Sec
Sunrise: -68 Secs.   Sunset: -76 Secs.
Moonrise: 11:08 pm (10/27/21)
Moonset: 2:30 pm (10/28/21)
Phase: Last Quarter Moon
Moon Age: 22.2 Days (75%)
Illumination: 50%

Sun Chart
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5:58 AM  92  6:29 AM  97  7:01 AM 102  7:29 AM 107  12:48 PM  36   6:06 PM 253  6:34 PM 257  7:06 PM 262  7:37 PM 267  
Earth Daylight

First Quarter MoonFull MoonLast Quarter MoonNew Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
Tue Oct 12th, 2021
at 11:26 PM EDT
Wed Oct 20th, 2021
at 10:57 AM EDT
Thu Oct 28th, 2021
at 4:06 PM EDT
Thu Nov 4th, 2021
at 5:15 PM EDT

Vernal EquinoxSummer SolsticeAutumnal EquinoxWinter Solstice
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Sat Mar 20th, 2021
at 5:38 AM EDT
Sun Jun 20th, 2021
at 11:33 PM EDT
Wed Sep 22nd, 2021
at 3:22 PM EDT
Tue Dec 21st, 2021
at 11:00 AM EST
Weather FAQ
Moon Facts
The phases of the Moon are related to (actually, caused by) the relative positions of the Moon and Sun in the sky. The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are quite close together in the sky. Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are at nearly opposite positions in the sky - which is why a Full Moon rises about the time of sunset, and sets about the time of sunrise, for most places on Earth.