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April “Onion Snow” Finishes Stormy Day

April 15th, 2014

Tax day brought with it a very dreary and rain filled day. The storm total was 1.78″ and included 0.6″ of snow that only accumulated on grassy surfaces. The temperature reached 66 °F at 2 PM and was down to 32.5 °F at 9:39 PM during the height of the snowfall. The 33 °F drop is shown on the graph below. The 0.6″ of snow brought the 2013-14 seasonal total to 59.6″ breaking the old station record of 59.3″ from 2009-10.

Station Snowfall History

Onion Snow – a snowfall in late spring; the last snow of the season (chiefly in Pennsylvania).

Station Temperature - April 15th, 2014

Late March Nor’Easter Developing

March 23rd, 2014

Monday 1:00 PM: The computer models are still bouncing back and forth however more are now agreeing on a double low and slightly further west from yesterday. The NWS has issued a 2 to 4″ snow forecast for our area as shown below! This may definitely get interesting if the western low becomes dominant as some forecasters are suggesting.

Sunday: A very complex Nor’Easter is forecast to develop off the coast and significantly deepen as it moves NE towards New England. Until today most models have kept this feature too far off the coast to affect our area. Sunday morning models are starting to depict either a trough or a secondary low (double barrel) forming west of the main low.
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Winter Storm Titan

March 1st, 2014

Monday 3/3 12 PM: Storm Total: 0.3″! Basically the Arctic front won and was able to push its way all the way to North Carolina. The heavy snows followed suit and we got by with basically nothing. The computer models (GFS, NAM, EURO) were still insisting on 3 to 6″ as late as 5 PM last night so none of them were able to accurately model this strange storm system.

In Titan’s wake we will most likely smash the low temperature record tonight of 7 °F as the current forecast is for 1 °F. The all-time March low temperature record for Berks is -2 °F from 1984.

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Winter Storm Pax – Classic Nor’easter

February 13th, 2014

The final storm total at the station was 15.3″ snow (1.47″ liquid) based on the additional 6.5″ received during the wrap around bands. Totals in other areas of the county: Lincoln Park: 15.0″, Sinking Spring: 15.5″, Fleetwood: 15.0″, Birdsboro: 20.0″, Huff’s Church: 18.5″, Mohnton: 13.0″, Wernersville: 12.0″, Kutztown: 16.6″, and Oley: 15.5″.
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