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UV Sensor Malfunction

January 8th, 2017 (Sunday)

Update: 1/15 – The UV and Solar sensors had to be rewired today and are now fully operational. Apparently voles like to eat the insulation on Cat 5 cable.

The main UV sensor malfunctioned on January 2nd and is offline. I’ve been unable to determine what’s wrong because it’s too cold to get up to the roof. As of Sunday January 8th a backup sensor is now in use mounted at the main station assembly. This ground level location will not provide the full coverage of the roof mount but UV in January is not very important.

December 2016 Weather Summary

January 8th, 2017 (Sunday)

December 2016 was a mostly benign month for weather in Berks. The station average temperature of 34.8 °F was 1.4 °F below normal. The maximum temperature of 59 °F occurred on the 27th and the low of 11 °F on the 16th. There were 5 ice days (temperature doesn’t get above freezing) with 4 being normal.

The coldest December on record at the station was 30.3 °F in 2010 and the warmest was 46.7 °F from last year. The station all-time low for December is 4 °F from 2005 and the all-time high is 71 °F from 2006.

There were 4 days during the month with measurable snowfall however the grand total was a mere 1.8″, which is 3.0″ below the normal of 4.8″. Other stations reporting snow: Mohnton: 1.4″, Lincoln Park: 1.4″, Kutztown: 1.4″, Fleetwood: 0.3″, Oley: 0.5″, Bernville: 2.4″, Hamburg: 3.2″, and Alburtis: 0.9″.

The monthly rainfall was 3.44″ which is a 0.72″ below the station normal of 4.16″. Rainfall totals in other areas of the county were the following: Mohnton: 4.35″, Lincoln Park: 4.36″, Reading Airport: 2.13″, Kutztown: 2.19″, Fleetwood: 4.27″, Oley: 4.03″, Bernville: 3.97″, Hamburg: 3.73″, and Alburtis: 4.31″.

The predominant wind direction was West and the average wind speed for the month was 4.4 mph, which is normal (4.3 mph). The peak wind gust of 35 mph occurred on the 15th. The month totaled 73 sunshine hours which is well below our average of 84 hours. A typical maximum daily solar reading was 416 w/m² and the maximum daily UV index averaged 1.6.

County Records at the Reading Airport: None

Station All-Time Records Set: None

Note: Station normal and averages include the current year’s values and date back to 2004.

Note: Station rain totals other than the Reading Airport are from CoCoRaHS and are typically recorded at 9 AM so the totals may not align with ours if precipitation events occur at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month.

August Scorcher for Berks

August 13th, 2016 (Saturday)

August 13th became the hottest day of the year at the station with the temperature peaking at 95 °F and the heat index reaching a stifling 115 °F. Everyone noticed the humidity and the dew point today peaked at an unheard of 81.8 °F just breaking the station record of 81.7 °F from July 19th, 2013.

We now have 21 ninety-degree days for the year which is well above normal. The heat is expected to continue into early next week where we could finally see some rain. There has been plenty of rain around but as usual most of it has been missing our area. Despite gains at the end of July and the beginning of August we are once again approaching a 5.0″ yearly rainfall deficit.
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Heat Wave to Continue in Berks

July 23rd, 2016 (Saturday)

Monday Update: Today’s high reached 94 °F equaling the 13th 90-degree day of the month. The max heat index of 110 °F occurred at 3:07 PM. Clouds and a decaying thunderstorm prevented the temperatures from going higher. The 110 °F heat index was the highest since we reached 113 °F on July 19, 2013. Along with the high heat we actually picked up 0.53″ of rain, but even with this we’re still in excess of a 5″ deficit for the year.
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