Chipperdog.comNovember 21st, 2017

Summer of Storms!

August 22nd, 2017 (Tuesday)

The Summer of storms hit again! Tonight’s intense Thunderstorm peaked near 9.0″/hour and dropped another 1.07″ of rain on the station. This brings our Summer total (Jun-Aug) to 23.47″ which has broken our all-time Summer record of 22.62″ from 2007. More to follow…

Advisory Issue Resolved

August 22nd, 2017 (Tuesday)

The NWS advisories have not been coming through lately, i.e. Watches and Warnings. We have changed from using the Zone product to the County product and this appears to have fixed things. I’ve noticed the Weather Underground uses County level products so at some point the NWS must have changed this or it is currently broken.

Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21st, 2017 (Monday)

The solar eclipse was awesome to some and a little disappointing for other viewers in the Susquehanna valley. Early clouds did give way to partly cloudy conditions and some areas became mostly clear just before the peak at 2:42 PM. Since the sun was covered 76% by the moon most of us thought it would be darker but after further thought the numbers and conditions make sense.

The station graph below shows the solar energy dropped from well over 800 w/m2 at solar noon to 80 w/m2 at 2:42 PM. The previous day value at 2:42 PM was 744 w/m2 so this would be the expected value at this time of day. Based on the 744 value an 89% decrease in solar energy was observed which is more than the 76% sun blockage, but I believe it is inline since the sky conditions were different. The average 5 minutes on either side of the peak was 150 w/m2 which is an 80% reduction! Solar energy at dusk is typically around 10 w/m2 so this explains why the 80 w/m2 (150 average) appeared quite bright to everyone.

It wasn’t as pronounced but the graph shows the temperature dropped just over 3 °F during the eclipse. The previous day’s temperature increased 3 °F during the same time period (6 °F swing). There was an 8 minute delay from the minimum solar value until the minimum temperature was reached due to the atmosphere, light winds, and minor sensor lag.

Solar Eclipse Station Graph 8.21.17

An unfiltered picture of the sun 5 minutes before peak didn’t really do any justice to what was going on!
Solar Eclipse Station Graph 8.21.17

Berks Blizzard Warning (Blizzard 2017)

March 13th, 2017 (Monday)

Tue 4 PM: Storm Total: 12.0″ The storm has ended for us and was well short of the forecast and nowhere near blizzard conditions. The sleet and ice pellets that started around 4:45 ended our heavy snow chances. From that point forward I picked up an additional 4.2″ of snow however 1.2″ of liquid fell. If that liquid would’ve remained 10:1 snow our storm total would’ve been around 20″. Most of the models did not have the upper level warm air intrusion making it to Berks but some runs did suggest this could happen.

The snow ruler had some drifting with one side showing about 12″ and the other around 9″. Either way this is the picture from our Pi day storm.
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