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August 2014 Weather Summary

September 1st, 2014

August continued the 2014 trend of below average temperatures and set a station record for coolest August. The average temperature was 70.1 °F, which is 2.9 °F below normal. There were no 90-degree days where we typically have 4 such days. The high temperature of 88 °F occurred on the 27th and 31st while the low of 51 °F occurred on the 16th. The coolest August at the station was this year and the warmest was 77 °F from 2005.

The graph below shows that every month in 2014 has been below normal. It also shows the station’s normal low and high temperature range for each month based on 11 years of data (click for a larger image).
Monthly Temperature Trends CW4113

The monthly rainfall total was 2.68″ which is 1.85″ below the station normal of 4.53″. The maximum daily rainfall of 1.44″ was recorded on the 12th. At the end of the month we still accumulated a rainfall surplus of 5.12″ for the year! Rainfall totals in other areas of the county were the following: Mohnton: 2.73″, Lincoln Park: 2.64″, Wyomissing: 2.77″, Reading Airport: 2.87″, West Reading: 2.42″, Laureldale: 4.31″, Fleetwood: 3.42″, Boyertown: 3.19″, Kutztown: 3.70″, Oley: 3.79″, Hamburg: 4.08″, and Alburtis: 4.14″.

Station Rainfall Last 12 Months vs Normal

Wind averaged 2.2 mph which is typical for August and the predominant wind direction was West South-West. The peak wind gust of 26 mph occurred on the 16th and there were 289 hours of calm winds recorded.

Sunshine hours totaled 173 hours which is slightly above our monthly average of 168 hours. A typical maximum daily solar reading was down to 920 w/m&#xB2 and the maximum daily UV index averaged a typical 7.8.

County Records at the Reading Airport: None
Station All-Time Records Set:
Coolest August 70.1°F breaking 70.4°F from 2013

Note: Station normal and averages include the current year’s values and date back to 2004.

Note: Station rain totals other than the Reading Airport are from CoCoRaHS and are typically recorded at 9 AM so the totals may not align with ours if precipitation events occur at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month.

July 2014 Weather Summary

August 18th, 2014

July 2014 was basically a repeat of June with below average temperatures and above average rainfall. The average temperature was 72.8 °F, which is 2.8 °F below normal. There was only three 90-degree days where we typically have 9 such days. The high temperature of 93 °F occurred on the 2nd and the low of 52 on the 30th. The coolest July at the station was 71 °F in 2009 and the warmest was 78.8 °F from 2011.

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June 2014 Weather Summary

July 22nd, 2014

I’ve been working at a new job so posts have been limited this Summer. June 2014 was relatively cool with rainfall slightly above average. June also continued the trend of below normal temperatures for every month this year so far. The average temperature was 70.7 °F, which is 0.6 °F below normal. There was only one 90-degree day where we normally have 4 such days. The high temperature of 90 °F occurred on the 18th and the low of 50 °F on the 1st. The coolest June at the station was 68 °F in 2009 and the warmest was 74 °F in 2010.
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Latest 90-Degree Day at Station

June 19th, 2014

Wednesday, June 18th marked the first 90-degree day at the station for 2014. The was the latest date for reaching 90 °F in the station’s 11 year history. The earliest date for reaching 90 °F was April 26th, 2009 and the typical time is the last week in May.

Through May the average temperature for the year has been 40 °F which is about 4.5 °F below normal. Every month this year has been below average so far although June has been normal as of June 18th. The NWS long-term outlook for the Summer currently shows normal for us in both temperature and precipitation.
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