Chipperdog.comJuly 4th, 2015

Summer Weather Pattern Sets Up

June 14th, 2015 (Sunday)

The Summer weather pattern has set up and appears here to stay. The station recorded our first two 90-degree days this week with heat indexes approaching 100. Temperatures started out cool for June but have been above normal recently and are forecast to be at or above normal in the coming week.

In addition to the heat this week two intense thunderstorms hit the area. Friday’s storm resulted in wind damage for many with our wind gust peaking at 48 mph however straight line winds were probably in excess of 60 mph based on the damage seen. Today’s storm had rain rates over 10.0 in\hr but winds generally stayed below 30 mph with 0.52″ total precipitation. The rain total for June is 4.62″ with half the month to go and more rain in the forecast.
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June Storms Roll In

June 8th, 2015 (Monday)

Mondays’ forecast called for heavy rain and even a tornado watch was in effect. The photo below shows some ominous clouds right before the T-Storms rolled in at 6 PM. Despite these clouds we received some heavy rain with rates up to 5.4 in.\hour followed by a period of soaking rain.

The wind peaked at 31 mph and the lightning could have been much worse. The storm total was 2.36″ bringing our June total to 3.82″ and lowering our yearly deficit to 1.41″. After nearly 6 weeks without rain we have now received 5.33″ over the last 9 days.

Ominous Storm Clouds June 8th, 2015

Note: June is the station’s wettest month with an 11 year average of 5.86″

Berks Under Drought Watch

May 17th, 2015 (Sunday)

Berks has been under a drought watch since March which was news to me. As of today we are nearly 4.0″ down for the year on rainfall and despite thunderstorms in the forecast it looks like May will end with a deficit.

Last night’s storms split as they approached resulting in a mere 0.11″ total rainfall. This morning there was a nice band of showers however they stayed south in Lancaster county. We currently have 0.16″ of total rain in May where the normal to date is 2.33″.
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April 2015 Weather Summary

May 11th, 2015 (Monday)

April weather was near normal based on temperature but quite dry compared to our station history. The average temperature was 52.7 °F, which is 0.2 °F below normal making April the first month this year even close to normal. There were 9 days at least 5 °F below normal and 7 days at least 5 °F above normal.

The maximum temperature of 79 °F occurred on the 18th and the minimum of 31 °F occurred on the 1st and 2nd. The coldest April at the station was 49 °F from 2007 and the warmest 57 °F from 2010. The station record low for April is 26 °F from 2008 and the record maximum is 90 °F from 2009.
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