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Berks Blizzard Warning (Blizzard 2017)

March 13th, 2017 (Monday)

Tue 4 PM: Storm Total: 12.0″ The storm has ended for us and was well short of the forecast and nowhere near blizzard conditions. The sleet and ice pellets that started around 4:45 ended our heavy snow chances. From that point forward I picked up an additional 4.2″ of snow however 1.2″ of liquid fell. If that liquid would’ve remained 10:1 snow our storm total would’ve been around 20″. Most of the models did not have the upper level warm air intrusion making it to Berks but some runs did suggest this could happen.

The snow ruler had some drifting with one side showing about 12″ and the other around 9″. Either way this is the picture from our Pi day storm.

Tue 10 AM: Storm Total: 10.5″ Since that last update ice pellets & sleet have continued to reduce our possible totals. The winds are increasing at 12 mph NNW with gusts to 28. There is a heavier band rotating in but I’m figuring only 3 to 6 more inches. If it wasn’t for all the sleet and ice pellets we would’ve had 20″ by now.

Tue 7 AM: Storm Total: 9.0″ Since that last update ice pellets & sleet have
mixed in and reduced our possible totals. The liquid equivalent is 1.28″ reducing our ratio to 7:1. Temperature is 25.4 °F with winds unchanged at 10 mph ENE with gusts to 20. The low is tracking to close to the coast allowing the warm air to mix in. We should see the mix retreat over the next hour to 90 minutes.

Tue 4:45 AM: Storm Total: 7.8″ The liquid equivalent so far is 0.80″ so our ratio is just short of 10:1. Snow rates are averaging just over an inch an hour. Temperature is 25.5 °F with winds unchanged at 10 mph ENE with gusts to 17.

Tue 1 AM: Storm Total: 3.0″ Snow rates steady with the radar filling in nicely. Temperature has dropped below forecast to 25 °F with winds picking up to 9 mph ENE with gusts to 17. Updates will continue around 4 or 5 AM.

Tue 12 AM: Storm Total: 1.8″ Snow rates have increased with heavier bands not far to our south. Temperature has dropped to 27 °F with winds generally light at 6 mph ENE with gusts to 15. We’ve had over 225 visitors for the day and nearly 700 page hits!

Based on the SE radar the systems have not combined yet however the primary surface low has formed near Myrtle Beach. The T-Storm activity down there is just crazy. It looks like a tropical storm rolling in!!!

Mon 11 PM: Storm Total: 0.7″ Light snow has overspread the area.

Mon 8 PM: The first flakes have been spotted on the Webcam. This is just some light stuff out in front of the main storm.

Mon 6 PM: It’s time to stop looking at models and to start watching things unfold. Based on today’s information the NWS upgraded Berks to a Blizzard Warning for 18 to 26″ of wind-driven snow. This post will be used to track the actual storm and totals.

You can send in your totals per the contact us link or use the comments section below. Make sure you measure in an area not affected by drifting.

Major Nor’easter Looms Large for Berks

March 11th, 2017 (Saturday)

Sunday 11 PM Update: Based on additional model runs nothing much has changed. The one thing that is going on is all the reporting sites are upping their forecasts. The best I can gather from all sites/sources is 14 to 20″of all snow for Berks with a definite possibility the Euro model from 12Z will verify! Below is the latest NAM just off the presses.

NAM 3km_asnow_neus_48
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Snow! Late Season Storm Hits Berks

March 10th, 2017 (Friday)

Despite our extremely mild winter and a 63 °F day on Thursday a late season storm hit our area today. The station recorded 4.5″ of wet snow that mainly stuck to just grassy surfaces. At times the snow was coming down at rates of 1 to 1.5″ per hour.

Our season snow total now stands at 12.5″ which is well below our normal of 31.5″. As the front passes through this weekend will be quite cold for this time of year. This current setup will be setting the stage for the potential major Nor’easter that is looming for early next week.

March 10th, 2017 Snow Storm

February 2017 Weather Summary

March 5th, 2017 (Sunday)

February 2017 goes down as one for the records and not for snow. It was not only the warmest February at the station but the warmest in Berks County’s 120-year weather history. There were 4 high temperature records tied or broken at the airport and the all-time February high of 77 °F from 1985 was tied on the 24th. In addition to this it was the 6th driest according to the Reading airport.

The station average temperature of 40.2 °F was a whopping 8.0 °F above normal. The maximum temperature of 74 °F occurred on the 24th and the low of 17 °F on the 4th. There were 2 ice days (temperature doesn’t get above freezing) with 6 being normal. The coldest February on record at the station was 22.2 °F from just 2 years ago. The station all-time low for February is -1 °F from 2015 and the all-time high is 74 °F from this year.
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