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Weather Live Discontinued

December 22nd, 2020 (Tuesday)

Adobe is discontinuing the embedded Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Since Weather Live uses Adobe Flash the link has been removed. Most browsers have already removed support for Flash over the last year.

Winter Solstice Arrives

December 21st, 2020 (Monday)

Early this morning the winter solstice arrived bringing with it the longest night of the year. Sunrise was 7:24 AM (ESE) and Sunset was 4:42 PM (WSW) for a total day length of 9.3 hours. Transit (solar noon) occurs at 12:03 PM and the sun is at an extremely low 26° in the sky.

The plot below shows the extreme differences between the summer solstice and the winter solstice. In the summer the sun reaches 73° in the sky for out latitude. It appears straight up to us, but actually 90° is straight up and this only occurs at the equator.

Major Nor’easter Gail Imminent for Wednesday

December 13th, 2020 (Sunday)

The final storm total at the station was 8.5″ of snow\sleet with a liquid equivalent of 1.35″. If the upper air would’ve allowed precipitation to remain all snow we would’ve ended up with 14 to 18″.

The reason the storm was basically a dud versus the lofty forecasts was the warm upper air depicted by the NAM model made it well north of any of the other models. Most forecasters gave the more accurate Euro and GFS products too much merit during analysis.

Updated: Wednesday 6:30 PM – Snow changing to sleet/mix

As discussed sleet was expected at some point but with it being this early our totals will really be reduced. It will change back at some point but how much remaining moisture will be available will ultimately determine our total. There is also a dry slot approaching that wasn’t expected.

Updated: Tuesday 5:00 PM – Back to 12 to 18″ per Monday morning

This storm is really a mess to predict based on differences in the models. The storm has slowed also and won’t reach us until Wednesday afternoon. There is more agreement that the heaviest snow will be NW of I-78 so our totals will most likely be 12 to 18″ at this point. There is still that concern with how much mixing of sleet, if any, we’ll receive which could lower totals.

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Spring 2020 Quickly Approaches Berks

March 8th, 2020 (Sunday)

Sunday, March 8th marked the first day of daylight savings time for 2020. The day was pretty much a perfect March day with temperatures near 60 °F and wall to wall sunshine. The graph below shows our solar energy is now well over 600 w/m2 and UV is now briefly touching 4.0.

March is currently 6 °F above normal with another warm week on tap. The daylight duration is now 11:41 with sunset after 7 PM for the first time.

Solar Response, March 8th, 2020